Business Networks possess particular characteristics that differentiate between one another according to the content of the bodies participating in them. Acknowledging this, one could say that the business activity networks are characterized by:

  • Common strategy: This strategy is defined by the basic characteristic on which the networking is based on (in our cases, equally tourism promotion and environmental sensitization comprise the basic goal and the mobilizing force for the Network’s development).
  • Basic skills: Every business participating in a network adds some value to the final result, one that is directly proportionate to the sectors it is engaged in.
  • Trust amongst members: Trust amongst members is a main condition for their cooperation within the Network scope. Any action promoted by the Network should be acceptable by every member, at least regarding the good intentions of those suggesting it.
  • Clear agreement: The kind of agreement amongst members might be anything from a formal and strict contract to an informal verbal agreement. Πρέπει πάντως να είναι σαφώς ορισμένο εξ αρχής.
  • Technology: The advancement of technology allows for the direct transfer of information between businesses, thus drastically reducing the time and –mostly- the transaction cost, allowing a Network to act as a single body.

Under this meaning, creating a business Network presumes the creation of bonds amongst groups and/or people, aiming to achieve various benefits that arise through cooperation between one another, as well as the creation of economies of scale. Furthermore, Networking allows jointly dealing with the financial cost which would burden every interested party. In addition, those collaborating can more effectively promote either positions or demands they have through Networking. Finally, networking can either mean a direct cooperation between people, groups or bodies, or an indirect contact, for example, through their electronic interconnection.

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