Presentation of Polyphonic Song

Presentation οf Polyphonic Song

 …From the old years until our days and especially during periods of feasts and festivals, the residents were gathering n order to have fun with bands. Thus there was developed, mostly in Pogdoriani region, a significant number of musicians that, in the course of time, were developed as the most important instrumentalists of the wider region between Pogoni and Zagori. The majority of instrumentalists emanate from families of gypsies that were installed in the wider region, from other villages between 1915-1925; instrumentalists were progressively professionally occupied with music, establishing particularly Parakalamos in the wider Epirus, as a source of popular instrumentalists. Moreover, farmers of the plain, at the appropriate time, were singing during rural work in maize gathering, in the loom, etc. In this way they managed to preserve these peculiar songs of the region until nowadays. The way they sang was a form of polyphonic song that differs from neighboring regions and was distinguished by the predominance and the sovereign role of “partis”, i.e. the taker, who began the singing. The role of the rest in the band was focused on strengthening the primary singer by singing the song’s verses. “Mpasimo” (entering) of the rest in the song was taking place, most times, after the three – four first initial syllables of each verse.

#11 The foreign lands don’t bother me




Oh! The foreign lands don’t bother me

And the fa-and the faraway ones (2)

Only the airs and graces of the girl bother me

The airs and gra- the airs and graces (2)

Where she writes me a letter

And arg-argues (2)

-My husband that you’re in the foreign lands

And the faraway ones (2)

Oh, if you are to come, come,

Why are you not coming?  (2)

Oh, your people are,

Bore- are bored of me (2)

And they arrange marriage for me in the foreign lands,

In Redesto (2)

An old husband they give to me,

Hundred- ed –years old (2)

Apart from being old,

 He is also a comba- a combative one (2)

Oh, he hits me every morning,

For the matt- for the mattresses (2)

Oh, and every noon, 

For cold, cold water (2)



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